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It’s Day 3 on Cara DeLavallade’s Wine Tour of Portugal. Today the group joined up and raveled from Lisbon to Colares, a region north of Lisbon known for a very distinctive varietal, Ramisco, that only grows in Colares. The vineyards … … Read More

It’s Day 2 of Barking Frog’s Cara DeLavallade’s wine tour of Portugal. For the last two dinners in Lisbon, a trip to two Jose Avillez restaurants was necessary… The “Epic Menu” at MiniBar is an eleven-course tasting menu that includes … … Read More

Cara DeLavallade, Advanced Sommelier at the Barking Frog, shares her travels and tastings during her tour of the wine regions of Portugal. I landed in Lisbon and was promptly scopped up by Carlos, the driver and general do-it-all guy who … … Read More

Today I’m headed to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, where I will spend a couple of days eating, drinking, and wandering before joining up with a group of sommeliers and beginning a 10-day tour of the country’s major wine … … Read More

Attempting to pick out the perfect wine for your traditional Thanksgiving feast is like trying to build a house with just a hammer. Yes, you could probably get some progress made, but you are going to want a selection of … … Read More