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Today I’m headed to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, where I will spend a couple of days eating, drinking, and wandering before joining up with a group of sommeliers and beginning a 10-day tour of the country’s major wine … … Read More

Attempting to pick out the perfect wine for your traditional Thanksgiving feast is like trying to build a house with just a hammer. Yes, you could probably get some progress made, but you are going to want a selection of … … Read More

You know you have a good relationship with a winery when you are willing to create content promoting another local place of lodging. Matthews Winery is the unofficial go-to recommendation for nights when we are fully committed, and their wines … … Read More

Last year Willows Lodge launched a brand new event with the intention of bringing together some of the best businesses in Woodinville. It came to be known as Experience Woodinville and was regarded by many as a run-away success. Both guests … … Read More

Wine appreciators know that Woodinville is the place to go if you are looking to enjoy some of the best juice in the world. In addition to all the vino, there are numerous breweries, some distilleries, and even a couple cideries … … Read More